A Final Update

You might give Mikaela her last chance/Vous pouvez donner à Mikaela une dernière chance
Access to experimental cancer drug/ Accès aux traitements expérimentaux en oncologie
S.V.P. Seulement une petite minute pour une signature qui pourrait sauver la vie de Mikaela grâce à l’immunothérapie par compassion.
Please, take one minute to sign: it might save Mikaela’s life through compassionate immunotherapy access.

We Got This

IMG_5657IMG_9917As our community approaches the size of our hometown of Sacramento, I have a final update to share: Mikaela has been transitioned to hospice care & I’ve decided to table the campaign to remove any distractions during this time. These are difficult words to type, but it’s the clear choice at this point.

While we were not successful with getting the drug, your support has been essential in providing a boost of hope to get us through the past couple months — THANK YOU! If you’re able, here are 3 ways you can help us in the coming days:

1) THOUGHTS: As we enjoy our final days together, your thoughts/prayers/vibes for a smooth and pain-free transition are much appreciated. The hospice team has been doing a great job of keeping Mikaela comfortable, and we’re doing everything we can to keep it that way. It’s an unavoidably precarious situation, so your…

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